Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Looking in the Mirror

Trot Nixon says the unbalanced schedule among baseball division rivals contributes to brawls such as the one that occurred a few days ago between the Red Sox and Devil Rays.

Nixon said having teams play division 19 times each season can build up stress. "This is a prime example of why Bud Selig needs to take a look at teams playing
each other 19 ... times a year," Nixon said Tuesday.

"The run-ins that we’ve had in the past four years have been with the Yankees, with Tampa and maybe a couple with Baltimore," Nixon added.

He suggested going back to a balanced schedule, which was used in the AL from 1977-2000. Brawls "probably could be prevented by that one thing, but it might not either," Nixon said. "If enough people say something about it (Selig) will or his advisers will" consider a change.

"The Yankees even say it, too. We play each other too much," Nixon said. "Fans (are) all out of control. Look what happened last year. One of our fans hit (Gary) Sheffield in the face" while he chased a ball along Fenway Park’s low right-field wall.

Hmm. What's the common denominator in all these events? If you said the Red Sox, you're the big winner. Although Nixon may have a point that the unbalanced schedule contributes to the over-inflammation of fans' passions, it doesn't excuse the conduct by the players on the field. And so far as I can research, the problems that Nixon says the Red Sox have had with the Orioles, Devil Rays and Yankees don't occur between the Yankees and Devil Rays, the Yankees and Orioles, or the Orioles and Devil Rays.

Maybe the Red Sox are the culprit.


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