Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Projected Nationals Roster

Sometimes, if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

It baffles me that the depth charts on for many of the major league teams are inaccurate. Since each team controls both its chart and its information, there's no reason these charts cannot be updated as the team announces roster decisions. Naturally, therefore, the Nationals depth chart on makes no reference to Damian Jackson or Pedro Astacio, when it's generally understood by all associated with the team that they will be on the Opening Day roster. Arggh.

So, in light of the inaccurate, dated information on the site, I'm putting together my own projections for the depth chart and the 25-man roster:

Starters (in order of appearance)
CF Brandon Watson
2B Jose Vidro
1B Nick Johnson
RF Jose Guillen
LF Alfonso Soriano
3B Ryan Zimmerman
C Brian Schneider
SS Royce Clayton
P pitcher's spot

Marlon Anderson (backing up RF, LF and 2B)
Marlon Byrd (backing up RF, CF and LF)
Matthew Lecroy (backing up 1B, 3rd catcher)
Wiki Gonzalez (beats out Alberto Castillo for the back-up catcher spot)
Daryle Ward (pinch-hitter extraordinaire)
Damian Jackson (backing up 2B, SS, 3B)

Starting Pitchers
1. Livan Hernandez
2. John Patterson
3. Tony Armas
4. Ramon Ortiz
5. Pedro Astacio

Chad Cordero (CL)
Gary Majewski
Joey Eischen
Jon Rauch
Mike Stanton
Felix Rodriguez

That makes 25. Not making the cut: Michael Tucker, who will lose the last bench spot to Daryle Ward; Alberto Castillo, in favor of the better-hitting Wiki Gonzalez. On the DL: Ryan Drese (15-day), Cristian Guzman (15-day, may be out for the season if surgery is needed), Robert Fick (15-day); Brian Lawrence and Luis Ayala (both on 60-day list).

First to lose their jobs: Astacio, when his ERA equals the Dow or when Drese returns, whichever comes first; Daryle Ward, when Fick returns, because Fick can actually use a glove; Joey Eischen, to make room for the much-loved Bill Bray.

First to come up from New Orleans: Ryan Church, whenever the first injury occurs, or if newly minted starting centerfielder Brandon Watson struggles; Bray, when Eischen is traded.

Let's see how my projections hold up.


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