Thursday, March 23, 2006

Seventh Heaven

Wow. Soriano actually said it aint so. He'll play left field for the Nationals, at least for now.

The corollary to this story is the effect it has had on Jose Vidro. Vidro apparently is upset that his name has been connected with this debate, which is a fine initial reaction. But the fact remains that Nationals management unequivocally stood behind Vidro as the team's second baseman; at no point did management ever entertain the option of putting Soriano at second and asking Vidro to get an outfielder's mitt or try his hand at shortstop. (By the way, Guzman or Clayton?? What kind of choice is that?)

I get that Vidro is upset; the whole debate injected some degree of uncertainty, albeit infinitesimal, that Vidro wouldn't start the season at second base, which, given the choice, Vidro would prefer not to consider. However, being upset is a knee-jerk reaction that should have given way, at least by now, to appreciation for management's support. Vidro isn't exactly coming off the year that other second basemen such as, for example, Soriano had last year. Vidro's continued health is a concern. At the end of the day, Vidro should adopt the attitude of Stuart Smalley.


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