Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welcome to RFK. Bring Your Sunblock.

Following up on a request from the team's relievers, particularly Mike Stanton, the Nationals have switched their bullpen from the one in left field to the one in right. Visiting relief corps will now have to endure the afternoon sun in the left field bullpen, while the Nats stay comfortable in the shade in right.

The switch means the teams' bullpens and dugouts will no longer be on the same side of the field, given that the home dugout at RFK is on the third base side. While this alignment poses no real practical problem, the Nats should take the opportunity to move their dugout to the first base side. Such a move would no doubt upset my friend Dan-75, who believes the Cubs are morally correct with their dugout on the third base side and that the Yankees are morally corrupt because their dugout is over near first. But the Yankees have 26 titles since 1923, and the Cubs have none, so, supposed moral superiority notwithstanding, the Nats should change.


Blogger Dan said...

From having been in two Major League clubhouses in my life, I can tell you the location of the home team's dugout is often -- if not always -- determined by one factor: On which side is the bigger clubhouse? If the Yankees wanted to use the third-base dugout, they couldn't because the clubhouse on that size is not much bigger than your standard New York studio apartment. The Yankees' clubhouse, while not cavernous by any means, is at least three times bigger.

Thursday, May 11, 2006 11:08:00 AM  
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